Wednesday, May 30, 2012

...Sometimes I Just Groove...

I just had the most pleasant, personally productive, low stress long weekend ever, so you’ll pardon me while I shake and wake my brain back up to full power.

In the meantime, please enjoy this litany of earworms.

I listened to a lot of music the last 4 ½ days, so this is as narrowed down as I could get it.

Outkast – Player’s Ball (the reprise remix)

Skee-Lo – I Wish

Herb Alpert – Rise

Jody Watley – Most of All
Jody Watley - Most Of All by jpdc11

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Cedar Point is open!

Mean Streak

Blue Streak

The Corkscrew - the thing I remember most about the corkscrew was that you waited in line for what felt like 2 hours to get on a ride that felt like 20 seconds. Fun though.

The Gemini - so named because there were two going side by side on the track

The Coal Miner – my favorite ride besides the Gemini and the Wildcat, the joy of this ride was its rickety motion and loud creaking. It always sounded like it was going to completely fall apart at any minute

The Wildcat - Not a lot of steep drops on this one but the speed was break-neck.

The Mantis- this ride made its debut after my family stopped going so I never had a chance to hop on. Looks like I’m missing out

Cheers to Coasterwiz for uploading this and bringing back some great memories.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

...It's Just Different...

That unintentionally funny “I Am Other” campaign left me with the “Really?” face.

If I close my eyes, the message is okay, but when I open them I see a bunch of people that look like models staring off into space. Not sure what’s so “other” about gang of super pretty people pretending to embrace being different.

They make it look so exciting, like "Join us, we're cool and we have fun."

I have been different my whole life and it wasn’t all that fun. It was just... different.

I can recall having whole groups of girls telling me they had decided I was too weird to talk to and then ignoring me for the rest of the year. I often think if the adolescent I was then were to be here today, there would probably be a video on YouTube or somewhere of that little girl having her butt kicked.

I still quite frequently find myself in conversations where the response I get makes me wonder if I’m really speaking English. This is even with so-called like-minded individuals; we’re all talking about the same thing, or so I thought, and I’ll mention something and there’s dead silence.

My sister told me if I was a TV show, the screen would have to freeze after I said anything so they could insert a voiceover to explain what I just said. I don’t feel like I’m saying anything astronomical, but I guess it must be out there because I send it out but darn if it ever comes back.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

...I Give You...The Hate Above...

Oh the things you randomly find and wonder how you never found them before.

Chris Rock and his team apparently wrote, filmed but never released this as a skit from his days on HBO doing The Chris Rock show.

C’mon. It’s funny.

(Chris Rock – Crackers)

You know you laughed.

In case you forgot or want to make a comparison.

(Outkast - Hey Ya)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

..."This Maiden She Lived with No Other Thought"...

…than to love and be loved by me. I’ll come back to that later.

My dad was born at home.

He was born with club feet.  He called them “ballerina toes” because both feet were sharply pointed down. So his dad broke his little newborn ankles and his mom made splints and casts and in relatively no time at all my dad’s feet were corrected and he was fine.

He played sports all the way through school, and though he told me he would sometimes experience a little pain or limping he was fine.  During a physical exam to enter the US Air Force, the found some bone issues, removed the offending bones and he said he never, ever experienced pain again. …Although he did have some funny looking toes.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

...It's Just in Time to Ruin Mother's Day...

I don’t know about you but frankly, I laughed.

Even with the nipple in his mouth you can see him smiling.

I mean, really can’t she just break into a pharmacy and steal oxytocin like everyone else? Or are we pretending this is genuinely and solely for Junior’s benefit?

I only wish I could be in the room the minute his friends discover this magazine cover 13 years from now. And that’s assuming he’s not already old enough for a driver’s permit because that is a big motor-scooter right there friends.

So kudos to Time for either getting everyone to talk and/or successfully slithering down to tabloid magazine newsstand status.

I suppose the best part of so-called attachment parenting is that they can go to therapy together when he’s grown.

For the great moms out there who actually thought about and put some real effort into raising wonderful children into responsible adults, we honor and celebrate you on this day.

For the rest of you, you’re just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month; seek help.

The ad you were thinking of when you saw the magazine cover shot…

What, you think this is wrong? Because I'm a I'll tell you what's wrong. It's my old cell phone company charging me a bunch of hidden fees. That's why I got Boost Mobile. Their $50 monthly unlimited plan has no hidden fees. I happen to like that. I also happen to like breast milk.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

...This One Reads Backward...

(But I reversed it, so you can read it forward)

There is a fine line between creative expression that proudly represents your individuality and just being …something else.

This is something else.

I saw this photo and thought, “Who did it? Where they at? Let’s go get ‘em…”

And since I am notorious for snowballing thoughts, before I knew it I was wondering if "Mommie Dearest" ever came back at the library. (Faye Dunaway looking like Heath Ledger as the Joker during that one scene.)

My mind zoomed through thoughts (and we’re walking backwards now) of Joan Crawford who allegedly disappeared from view after seeing unflattering pictures of herself in the press. Back to my great, great (great?) Aunt Auntie whose real name escapes me right now and who is notoriously known to have cut off contact with the outside world because she didn’t feel pretty anymore.

This is a rumor of course. There’s no disputing that she was astonishingly beautiful her whole life. And one day when she was older, but not old, like 40-something, she just didn’t look beautiful anymore. (But we don’t know for sure because she disappeared, right?)

Back to Cassie whom everyone has often compared to great, great (great?) Aunt Auntie for a few reasons not presently relevant, and who has also often been thought of as an amazing beauty and who will do some really ungodly things to you for suggesting otherwise and/or not complimenting her fast enough.

And who has admitted to a quiet fear of meeting the same fate as great, great (great?) Aunt Auntie and becoming the infinite butt of jokes about how she “broke hard” (old black expression for a person whose looks suddenly changed super rapid from extraordinarily beautiful to not so much).

I assure her this could never happen because the main jokers are mostly Auntie’s great, great (great?) nephews and nieces, and Cassie will never, ever have a nephew or niece unless my mom reveals a secret third sibling on her death bed forty years from now or unless I ever get that Norwegian kid I’ve been trying to adopt in the name of sociology and science.

Friday, May 4, 2012

...We Lost Another Great...

I saw "Adam Yauch" trending when I logged on tonight and didn't even want to click on it, but how could I not.

Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill remains, for me, one of the greatest rap albums ever made. Ever. MCA's influence and legacy will always be with us.

God bless and keep his family and friends.

Adam "MCA" Yauch

One of my favorite performances of any song anywhere.
(Beastie Boys with The Roots - So What'cha Want)
Beastie Boys & Roots on Jimmy Fallon by brion01

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

...No One is Doing the Math...

I talked a bit about this last week (or tried to. Not sure why the new, improved Blogger scheduling function works at will, but…).

Since that time I’ve come across some of the most ignorant and infuriating things I have heard in a long time around this student loan thing so I need to elaborate for all the “educated” folks that can’t do the math.

In reference to keeping the student loan interest where it is, certain people with certain interest will have you believe in any number of half-truths and un-truths.

But we’re smarter than that.

We understand that opting to not raise the interest rate is not the equivalent of a “cut.”

We can probably guess that people that opted for private loans were probably trying to avoid the larger interest rate with Stafford loans, and somehow missed the fine print that the loans really weren’t that different where it counts most: the repayment period.

And we know that people who accepted the fed loans are not trying to get out of repayment, but trying to get out of the infinite loop that forces you to keep making payments on a bill paid off ages ago because the interest rate is so high.

Some years ago I had a wonderful conversation with a very kind and helpful man from the US Department of Education.

Student loans are like any debt in that your name, contact, and debt information floats around in a kind of “pool” for lack of a better term.

Any bill collecting agency can pay to fish names out of this pool, and go after that person for repayment. (Plus their administration fee which is almost always what they paid to get your name in the first place.)

So collection agency X contacts you,  forcibly sets up payment arrangements, you keep the arrangement,  pay off the debt and wait to receive your “paid in full” letter from agency X.

Instead, you are contacted by agency Y about the same debt.

The heck?