Wednesday, August 29, 2012

...We Could Count on Him...

Or maybe because of him.

God Bless and keep the soul of Jerry Nelson, the voice of Sesame Street’s Count Von Count (1934-2012)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

... !!!!!!....

It's called "the scariest video you have ever watched in the name of science" and unless there's a video demonstrating how they get back down, I would say it is probably the scariest, or at least most unnerving thing I've seen in quite some time.

You couldn't pay me enough to do this. If it were left to me whatever the hell is broken up there would just have to stay broken.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

...Romney Calls It: Obama Wins...

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney had this to say about President Barack Obama: “He demonizes some. He panders to others. His campaign strategy is to smash America apart and then cobble together 51 percent of the pieces. If an American president wins that way, we all lose,"


Women make up about 51 percent of the US population and the GOP has established a platform that includes an across the board abortion ban, with no exceptions under any circumstances.

So assuming that women with a sense of self vote to not have any idiots in their personal business and assuming you can also include the votes of men who want to make sure they can still get booty from women who will have to come up with other means of birth control, then Obama will clearly pass the 51 percent mark.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

..."I Can Love You Crazy"...

My memories of this song are all related to Detroit dance show, The Scene,  so I had no clue there was an actual video for this or what these people even looked like.

I also didn’t realize how old the song really was.vThis video dates back to 1978 (wow, really?) so I guess that’s why they hadn’t quite perfected the visual.

Not sure why the female vocalists missed the video shoot but the guys seemed to do okay without them… I guess.

(Foxy - Get Off)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

...Love is a Universal Language...

I don’t remember whose dumb idea it was, but about half way through the day I was regretting my choice to go along with it.

Somehow, I ended up watching infants over the weekend. I was told that I wouldn’t have to handle more than two at a time but since they were all under the age of one, two babies felt like seven.

I ended up with four.

So basically I had fourteen high energy babies on my hands. Frankly, I think they were multiplying as the day went on, so there might have been like 30 or 40 of them… a hundred or more.

That’s what it felt like anyway.

That night was the earliest I ever went to bed and probably the hardest I’ve slept in years. Those kids ran me ragged. But I will never forget their toothless grins and semi-creepy – group- giggling- at- nothing-in -particular thing they do.

I think I can admit that most of what I don’t like about kids, probably has more to do with what I don’t understand or what I find strange about them.

That’s how it starts, you see.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

...It's Ecstasy....

When you lay down next to me....

Watching him perform in this very green suit, it's hard to imagine he would have had his same success if he were a new artist today where the look is more important than the talent.

And yet when people think of  sexy love songs , they think of Barry White.

And because you were probably thinking of it anyway


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

...Love Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry...

When I first saw the movie, Love Story and heard this famous quote, I don’t think I understood it correctly.

I took it to be a quote about forgiveness, as in “no apology necessary, I love you so much that I understand.”

As a result I hated that quote. Didn’t like the movie much either.

I kept having the same argument with someone over and over again. Sometimes they’d say, “I told you I was sorry” and sometimes they wouldn’t but every time I would think, “Stop apologizing. Why can’t you just do better and not have to have a reason to apologize?”

After a while the apologies start to feel like a set up to get me to let my guard down.

Not long after that, they just become pointless altogether: foul up, apologize, repeat.

Your apology just becomes another lie that you don’t even tell very well.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

..."I Will Lower My Head"...

That might be one of the best lines ever delivered in a movie in a long time.

I had been so busy, my Netflix were collecting dust. But not since Pixar's Up have I been so glad that I made a last minute decision to go ahead and watch a movie before I sent it back.

It was late, and I told myself I'd only watch the first 10 or 15 minutes to get an idea about it then turn it off.

A half hour later, I decided to watch just the first hour and go to bed.

About two hours in I was crying my head off. (Darn you George Chen!)

The Flowers of War is one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenching, most extraordinary movies I've seen in a long time.

There is some very graphic war violence in this film as it takes place in 1937 during the Nanking Massacre (frequently referred to as The Rape of Nanking) so it's not for the kiddies, or possibly the squeamish.

Still, this is really a wonderful story about understanding, love, incredible strength, and sacrifice.

The performances are awesome and the story is magnificent.

Make a snack and settle in. Many, many thanks to luckyday1984 for the upload

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

...It's going to be darn difficult... refer to them as the Wachowski Brothers now.

I met them once. Outside a New York studio with Laurence Fishburne when they were making the first Matrix movie and they were introduced to me as the Wachowski Brothers by Mr. Fishburne.

They were very polite and I shook their hands and told them I was looking forward to the movie since they made one of my other all time favorites, Bound.

The funny part is, the thing I remember most about meeting them all (aside from something about Mr. Fishburne making me want to stand up straighter and be on my best behavior) was that one of the Wachowskis had the softest hands I ever felt on a man.

Probably just a weird coincidence; I couldn’t even tell you which brother was which back then so also probably irrelevant. Still kind of funny though.

Anyway, even though some sources say this has been happening for awhile, it’s still cool news to me.

Congrats to Lana Wachowski.

It’s looking to be a great year for some friends in spirit.

This movie is so trippy. (Bound trailer)